Blue and Gold Officers (BGOs)

Blue and Gold Officers (BGOs) are “field representatives” of the Admissions Process at the United States Naval Academy who cover a specific geographic area, usually defined by high schools. They encourage exceptional individuals to seek a naval career through the Naval Academy and other officer-accession programs.

BGOs provide counseling and information to candidates and applicants throughout the Naval Academy application process. BGOs are comprised of both Naval Academy Information Affiliates (NAIAs) and Naval Academy Information Officers (NAIOs). Though many BGOs have served as Naval Officers, prior service or graduation from the Naval Academy are not pre-requisites for assignment. Any mature adult who has a sincere interest in fulfilling the mission of the Naval Academy and the Naval Academy Information Program may be considered as a BGO candidate. Area Coordinators make the initial recommendation to the Head of Candidate Guidance for assignment. Approved applicants for the Blue and Gold Program must pass a proficiency examination before being designated Affiliates. Affiliates must attend BGO summer training offered at the Academy during the summer within two years of designation. Upon successful completion of the initial BGO Training, Affiliates are re-designated as Information Officers. Background checks will be conducted on all BGOs who join the program.

The Naval Academy Parents Club of West Virginia has a list of the Blue and Gold Officers and can help put you in touch with them by contacting the Club at or by calling 304-941-3499 or for more information regarding BGOs go to

Mission of the United States Naval Academy

“To develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically,

and to imbue them with the highest ideals

of duty, honor and loyalty in order to

graduate leaders who are dedicated to a career

of naval service and have potential for

future development in mind and character

to assume the highest responsibilities

of command, citizenship and government.”

Attributes of Midshipmen

We accomplish our mission by graduating midshipmen who are warriors ready to meet the demands of a country at war or at peace. In this sense our graduates are:

• Selfless

• Inspirational

• Proficient

• Innovative

• Articulate

• Adaptable

• Professional

Naval Academy Information Program Mission Statement

To market the opportunities available at the United States Naval Academy and to identify, recruit, and counsel young men and women of diverse backgrounds who possess the potential to be developed morally, mentally, and physically into the nation’s future Naval, government, and civilian leaders.

For more information on the Admission process

Here is a step-by-step guide to the process.

For information about Summer Programs for High School Students

Information about 2022 Summer Programs is not yet available. You may use the Summer Program link below to monitor updates. The admissions link is also provided.

U.S. Naval Academy Summer Programs Applications

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