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West Virginia Parents Club Yard Reference Guide



Facebook Pages

    • USNA Facebook–open page, USNA sponsored, ,sharing general USNA related information
    • USNA Alumni Association & Foundation Facebook–open page, USNA AA sponsored, sharing general USNA AA related information
    • USNA Parent Community Page–open page, USNA sponsored sharing USNA related information of specific interest to parents
    • USNA Parents Club of West Virginia–closed, parent administered group for parents of all classes of WV Mids and Grads providing for exchange of information, local support & information. Immediate interactions, lasting through your 4-year experiences and beyond. Activities for families both with and without Midshipmen.
    • USNA Family Community Facebook–closed, parent administered group for parents of all classes, providing for exchange of information

Instagram Accounts

You may also want to search for Facebook and/or Instagram groups specific to your Mids Class, Company and Battalion

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